Extend The Life Of Your Septic Tank


Here are some more tips on extending the life of your Septic Tank system.

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Blocked inlet/outlet pipes on septic tank

The inlet to a septic tank can become blocked, the same as any drain can due to root ingress or damage from vehicular movement. They're also prone to a build up of grease and fat if the level in the tank is high, if there is no dip pipe on the inlet to the tank the crust that forms in the first chamber can cover the inlet and block the system.

The outlet pipe from a tank can again be prone to root ingress.

Root Ingress Captured on CCTV

This is especially true if the pipe is perforated or a butted land drain type. Tanks that are not maintained on a regular basis allow large deposits of sediment to pass through them which accumulates in the out fall until the system blocks.

Storm water entering septic tank

Storm water should not pass through a septic tank system. By overloading the system you will affect
the workings of the bacteria and enzyme in the tanks. The increase in water volume passing through the system will carry debris and sediment through the process and into the out falling pipe work, soak-away or filter tank.

Chemicals or detergents affecting bacteria in a septic tank

The wide range of products we pour down our toilets and sinks will affect the way that the bacteria and enzymes operate within the septic tank. There are tank friendly products available on the market and products that kick start or top up the bacterial process, so it's a good idea to use some of these from time to time. (Be kind to your tank)

Wrong size septic tank installed

The small septic tank system at the rear of the country cottage may have coped for 50 years without a problem for the old couple who use it. The problem though is when the family of four move in with the washing machine, dishwasher, showers and detergents and it just can't cope with the volume of water passing through it.

Blocked filter media in filter tank

Poor maintenance and general misuse of a system usually means that grease, fat, fibre and sediment passes through the system and clogs any filter system installed in it. This of course prevents water from reaching the outlet and the system surcharges and floods.

Saturated soak-away on outlet of septic tank.

As with the filter systems, poorly maintained tanks usually affect the soak-away with grease, fat, fibers and sediment clogging the sub-soil and preventing water from dispersing into the ground. We are often called out to look at a defective septic tank only to find that it is the soak-away that has failed.

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