Your Waterford Septic Tank Needs Emptying Every Year?

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Many times while meeting customers they complain that their septic tank needs to be cleaned out once every year or so. If that's the case, then the problem is not your tank. It's down to the fact that your soak-away isn't working correctly.

There are many reasons why your septic tank system can fail. It can be down to poor maintenance,
misuse of the system or the tank and its soak-away can just naturally come to the end of their working life.

Typical Irish Septic Tank System

Here are the top  reasons why septic tanks and their soak-away systems can fail.

Lack of maintenance on septic tank system

Septic tanks are out of sight and out of mind until they fail. That's just a fact of life.
It's really important if you want your system to last as long as possible that you look at maintaining it on a regular basis. Just how long a septic tank system can last depends on a few different factors, such as the location of the tank, the number of people living in the home, the type of ground, the discharge
point and the overall size of the system etc.

The following items are things that can affect the workings of a tank and that will pay you to keep an eye out for.

Watch out for problems such as water running back into the system from the outlet, missing dip pipes and the level of the tank being low due to a leak.

    Septic tanks that are not maintained start to grind to a halt as the crust and sediment in the holding chambers build up to a point where the bacteria can't cope. This can result in the Dip Pipes and H pipes becoming clogged. This can even happen to the inlet pipe to the tank itself.
If the pureness of the water passing through the tank deteriorates greatly and more sediment is washed through to the filter system or soak-away then this again shortens the working life on this section of the system. Should your outlet flow directly into a river or a stream then obviously there is a greater risk of pollution and a hefty fine from the environmental authority.

Damage to dip pipes in a septic tank

We find many poorly constructed brick built septic tanks that have no means of separating
the solids and matter from the liquid waste. More often than not though we find that the Dip Pipes and H Pipes have become detached and are lying in the base of the tank.

This is usually caused by the brittle pipe work being knocked or disturbed during the emptying process. Some of the pipe work used is fragile and easily broken through an impact.

Damaged Pipe

The inlet Dip Pipe is also easily damaged due to heavy handed prodding or jetting works. If the tank is buried or hidden, then it's really important that the person using the rods doesn't think he's up against a root mass or something and begins to really 'push' for all he's worth.

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