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Recently we had a call out from the owner of a beauty salon.

Beauty Salon Interior

The owner of the salon was in shock. The problem was that sewerage was coming up the drain outlet  in her showers and she was really worried about the effect it would have on her business. Apart from the mess caused, the smell was very bad. 

Not good for business!


Obviously this was an emergency call...

We were there very quickly and the first thing we discovered was that sewerage was surging up from the manhole out side the salon. This was caused by a blocked drain. The problem when the drain is blocked is that the sewerage will flow anywhere it can. Water will always take the path of least resistance. If the main drain is blocked, it will come up the pipes and could appear anywhere in your home or business. It's not a pleasant experience. 

The first thing we did was vacuum the area around the main drain on the road outside the salon. Then we used a high pressure jet to clear the main drain which was the cause of the problem. 

High Pressure Jet

Once the drain was cleared, we power-washed away all of the sewerage that was around the manhole and surrounding areas.

The final step was to disinfect the footpaths so that there was a nice aroma afterwards. One thing that's vital in our opinion is to make sure everything is cleaned up before we leave.'s better 🙂


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