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Blocked Drains Waterford. Why Drains Block

Most drainage systems will have some sort of problem such as the misalignment of joints, stepped joints, dipped sections, fine root ingress, fractured or leaking pipe work, but most of them keep on working anyway.

This can be due to a number of reasons.  The drains block and clear themselves due to the weight of water that builds up in the system, other systems can operate more like a septic tank for many years given the right ground conditions with the majority of the waste water soaking into the sub-soil through defective joints while solids and waste breakdown within the pipe work and lead to blocked drains Waterford.

Bad Housekeeping Leads to Blocked Drains Waterford

Many blockages are due to poor maintenance and bad habits around the property. T he more serious problems don't tend to happen overnight so by regularly checking the system (by lifting external manhole covers twice year for example) you may not stop the final blockage but you may well see it coming prior to the big flood.

There are several things a house owner can do to avoid blocked drains Waterford. A simple rule of thumb is don`t put anything into the system that will not dissolve or break down. Many people seem to think that because it says disposable on the packet you can flush it down the toilet and it magically disappears. Disposable nappies, sanitary goods, cotton buds and little Jack`s toy car are not designed to pass around the U bend and into the drainage system. They will of course if you try hard enough but then they are likely to stop at the first snag point and start to block the entire system.

Drainage Grids & Gullies

These are the drains at the side of the property where your rain water down spouts and your kitchen and bathroom waste pipes discharge into.  They should have a water trap on them similar to the way a toilet operates. The trap is there to stop smells from the main line drainage venting at ground level and the trap also prevents silt and debris from
entering the system and hopefully rats coming the other way.

Blocked Gully

It's good practice to get your kitchen gloves on and clean out the gullies now and again. The reason is that grease, fat and fibers from sinks, washing machines and dishwashers can hold and solidify in waste gullies. Silt and debris from roofs and gutters can also collect in storm water gullies. Leaves and debris can seal the grid top as well and this prevents water from entering the gully pot, so again an annual clear out could save you money in the long run as will making sure that the plates that go into your dishwasher or sink have as little residue on them as is possible.

Grease And Fat In Drainage Systems Causes Blocked Drains Waterford

Grease and fat can build up in domestic drainage systems over many years  and this reduces the internal bore of the pipe until it eventually blocks.  This can be avoided by being careful about the amount of grease and fat entering the system but it is virtually impossible to eliminate it all at source.

Dishwashers should in theory help breakdown the grease and fat due to the high temperatures they work at, but I think that people tend not to worry too much about it and load more debris into their dishwasher than in their sink.

Blocked Sink

The most common area for grease and fat to build up is in the kitchen waste gully, this is because the gully has a water trap which allows the grease to stand and cool. The gullies are designed for access so they can be occasionally cleaned. The problem is that no matter how hard you try cleaning them out with your kitchen gloves on, it's a big struggle to reach the far side of the gully and it's outlet and of course this is another cause of blocked drains Waterford.

Industrial and commercial kitchens  produce large amounts of fat and grease and should be fitted with a grease trap.

I hope you found the information above useful.

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